RETAINWORKS is a No-Cost, grant-funded program focused on helping people whose lives have recently been disrupted because of an injury, illness, or worsening health problem. RETAINWORKS is part of the national Retaining Employment and Talent After Injury/Illness Network. RETAINWORKS provides opportunities to improve SAW/RTW outcomes for individuals with both employment-related and non-employment-related injuries and illnesses.


Retaining valued employees is critical, especially during today’s workforce shortage. The cost of finding new employees is typically greater than returning employees to work, even if in a different capacity. With early coordination of support and services, along with training, these individuals can continue to play a critical role in your organization.

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By assisting the patient with return-to-work programs under medical supervision as soon as possible, employment becomes another important health outcome. Healthcare providers can get involved by referring eligible patients within 12 weeks of illness or injury and collaborating with the RETAINWORKS network to improve their employment outcomes.

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You could be eligible to join a research study focused on helping workers who are ill or injured, get back to work. Those eligible for RETAINWORKS will partner with their healthcare provider, employer, and RETAIN’s coordinated network of stay-at-work/return-to-work (SAW/RTW) experts and resources. Getting back to work is a team effort.

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Everyone wins when employers work collaboratively with employees who are injured or ill, healthcare providers, and the RETAINWORKS network of stay-at-work (SAW) or return-to-work (RTW) experts and resources.
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The goals of RETAINWORKS
• Provide coordinated health and employment services for up to 6 months that support labor force attachment
• Increase employee retention and labor force participation of individuals who acquire and/or are at risk of developing work disabilities
• Reduce long-term work disability among project participants, including the need for federal disability benefits (Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI] and Supplemental Security Income [SSI])
• Create a culture where employment is supported and is a priority outcome of medical treatment

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RETAINWORKS and Iola Chamber of Commerce
{I have been a part of a workman's comp injury before. Going through the process of getting back to work with RetainWorKS was so personal. It's a lot more about truly getting you healthy. They were hands-on and listened to my concerns. I think it is a wonderful program.
RETAINWORKS Participant- Finger injury
{Working gives you a sense of self-worth, it makes you feel better about yourself, being able to provide for your family, is a feeling that I can’t explain, and not feel like they are a burden to their family or society
Program Participant
{It was comforting being a part of the RETAINWORKS program! I appreciated the check-ins and that the people there seemed to really care that I didn't get forgotten about and had everything I needed to get well quickly. They went above and beyond to get me well and back to work, great job! – 40-year old with knee pain
Program Partcipant

Ascension Via Christi, Meadowlark, Konza United Way

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