Individuals with all levels of illness or injury will be considered. Even with the most significant disability, you can be a productive employee, whether it means returning to your old position or finding a new employment match.

Healthcare Providers Play a Crucial Role in RETAINWORKS

A healthcare provider’s primary goal is their patient’s recovery. A coordinated effort with the patient and their employer helps achieve that goal.

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Early Medical Intervention is Key to Preventing Long-Term Disability

RETAINWORKS focuses on the continual employment of individuals who experience a debilitating illness or offsite injury. Many workers who are ill or injured are able to remain in their jobs or the workforce when they receive timely, coordinated employment support and medical services as part of a stay-at-work or return-to-work program. Most people have the ability to be productive after illness or injury, even if it means altering their current work environment or finding a new position.

By assisting the patient return to work under medical supervision as soon as possible, employment becomes another important health outcome. Healthcare providers can get involved by referring eligible patients within 12 weeks of illness or injury and collaborating with the RETAINWORKS network to improve their employment outcomes.

In 2019, the economic cost of injury was $4.2 trillion, including $327 billion in medical care, $69 billion in work loss, and $3.8 trillion in value of statistical life and quality of life losses.
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Who Can Participate?

Patients who have an on- or off-site injury/illness (mental or physical) that prevents them from returning to work right away may qualify for RETAINWORKS. The primary focus is care of the patients with musculoskeletal injuries, mental health disorders, and chronic diseases.

Other qualifying measures for patients include the following:

  • The diagnosis of a new condition or an exacerbation of a chronic condition.
  • The patient must be employed or seeking employment in Kansas.
  • Patients with all levels of illness or injury will be considered. Even those with the most significant disabilities can be productive employees, whether it means returning to their old position or finding a new employment match.

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Additional Provider & Training Link

Kansas Health care providers can view the one-hour, “Introduction to RETAINWORKS” module presented by Dr. Robert Moser Executive Director, Kansas Center for Rural Health, University of Kansas School of Medicine to learn more about Stay and Work/Return to Work best practices and how RETAINWORKS supports patients to return to work as soon as medically able. Upon completion your selected affiliate health system may contact you to review the process to refer and coordinate care.

Continuing Medical Education credits can also be obtained by joining us for upcoming virtual trainings. More information and registration are found

2024 ECHO: Understanding Employment as a Health Care Outcome

March 21- Navigating Return-to-Work Challenges Across Biological, Psychological, and Social Domains
March 28-Strategic Pacing: Addressing Challenges when Returning to Work
April 4-Strategies for Successful Workplace Reintegration with Anxiety and Depression
April 11-Persons with Substance Use Disorder(s): Considerations for Returning to Work

Stay-at-Work and Return-to-Work Strategies for Musculoskeletal Health Wednesdays, April 24-May 15 12:00-1:00 PM CST

Continuing Medical Education credits can also be obtained by joining us for upcoming virtual trainings.

For more information and registration.

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